Angela Mczeke Brilliant Beauty Powder Cake


Angela Mczeke Powder Cake For All Skin Types
An easy-to-use powder cake by Angela Mczeke is specially made for all the skin tones. Angela Mczeke powder cake creates an airbrushed and long-lasting smooth skin that enhances your makeup. Our powder cake works wonders for reducing the pores, fine lines and uneven skin. It keeps the makeup to stick on your skin all day easily without fading it. There are 10 beautiful colors of our powder cake that are specially made by considering different skin tones. This powder cake is made with a creamy formula which makes your skin moisturized. Angela Mczeke powder cake has the following features:
• Smooth and creamy formula that moisturizes your skin
• Fades the fines lines, pores and uneven skin tone
• Keep your makeup in place all-day
• Right fit for all skin tones
• Give a translucent veil on your skin