Angela Mczeke Bouquet Brush Cleaner



•Cleaner designed for makeup brush cleans the brush hair more quickly and thoroughly, and the soft materials are gentle to your hands.

•Large-area hairbrush clear band allows you to brush freely.

•Sophisticated stitching techniques make it strong and durable.

•Adjustable mesh strips, closely fit and nonskid.

•High efficient adsorption capacity, instant cleaning

•Very easy to clean, can be washed and reused, efficient and environmental

•Perfect size for any makeup kit, beauty drawer, or for traveling

•You can use the same brush for a different color

•Easy to wash and doesn't damage your brushes

•Save your time, make putting on your makeup faster

•You don't have to wash your eye shadow brushes as often

•Removes color from your brush simply and quickly without any liquid

•Change colors without getting the brush wet and waiting the drying time