Art Of Prayer


For what reason do we supplicate? To discover comfort? Or then again habitually? Or perhaps to get our wishes fulfilled when nothing else works? A superior job, a better life, and a better salary. These are a few, however, significant reasons why most of us pray. Ever wondered what is the true purpose of prayer. How does it shape our individual lives and society as a whole.
On occasions, we feel detached from God; we feel diverted and doubtful and lose focus. There are days when we feel positively no joy in praying. Notwithstanding this, what motivates us to pray anyways? These are only a few of the dilemmas that most of us go through. This book effortlessly addresses these quandaries and dilemmas through the author’s perspective and covers nearly all aspects of prayers; everything from the significance of supplication, the power of prayer to the goal of prayer.